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Digital agency

Takeaway Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Takeaway Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company which provides various software to the takeaway company worldwide.

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Mato Pvt Ltd

An agriculture farm operating within the borders of Nepal. Produce organic vegetables and fruits.

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Mero Coding Class

Mero Coding Class conducts online coding sessions for children aged 8-18 to help them acquire the necessary skills for the future.

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Childreach Nepal

Childreach Nepal is a leading organization that uses sports as a unique approach to engage children and their communities. With over 5 years’ experience under our belt, we have tailor designed curriculums that addresses the needs of the young people.

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HTML CSS Templates


Bootstrappages.com is a templates development project using bootstrap framework. Bootstrappages.com distribute some free bootstrap html and css templates for the website of personal of commercial uses.

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Digital Agency


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Energy Company

Saraswati Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

We are famous for any kinds of electric solution.We provide electric goods, We provide house wiring, Electric equipment installation, Equipments maintenance.We also provide liasoning servive for electrical power connection from Nepal Electricity Authority.

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Marketing Agency


Benefits of our marketing services: End-to-end services | Design capabilities | Multi-channel marketing | Data analysis What can marketing do for you? Drive new business growth | Unlock new value | Improve customer engagement and so on.

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Digital Agency

Surya Web Solution Pvt. Ltd.

SWS is an expert-led digital agency that caters to all web-development needs with creative and results-driven solutions.

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Social Media

Angel Investment Network

Angel Investment Network connects business entrepreneurs with Angel Investors which set up in the year 2004 to give entrepreneurs and investors a platform that streamlines the whole funding process.

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Marketplacekit a small team that loves building products. We've previously built lots of different custom marketplaces ranging from real estate, investment, classifieds, e-commerce and crowdfunding sites.

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IT Administration

909 IT Solutions

909 IT Solutions are the team of certified engineers based in Sydney, delivering comprehensive and effective IT services. Hence, working fast and strategically.

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